Seaport San Diego: Our Waterfront

Wow!  We are almost speechless here at Friends of Downtown! First, we sold out our May Luncheon at Strider’s San Diego!  This has never happened in the history of our volunteer organization!!  Second, our May Speaker’s presentation on the future of our San Diego waterfront was absolutely inspiring.  Thank you to all who came to make Thursday so special.  In case you missed it…

Big changes are on the horizon for our downtown San Diego skyline.  An impressive plan to transform the area into a world-class destination is underway.  The project, Seaport San Diego, is a thoughtful and creative reimagining of some of the most important real estate in our community.  The valuable waterfront property is being developed by Yehudi “Gaf” Gaffen and his team at Protea Waterfront Development. 

The project is guided by the 4 P’s – Purpose, People, Planet, Profit.  These guiding principles are shaping the scope and design of the massive expansion.  Creating a legacy for the community and a place for future generations to enjoy through what they are calling an ‘Edutainment Space’ is of utmost importance. Gaf’s team is forging strategic relationships with area schools and universities to provide career paths in ocean sciences.  From fishing, to research, to recreational observation, honoring the water is one of the core values that drives this team.   

Creative plans show tall buildings, over water walkways, outdoor community space, retail shops and dining.  There will be a place to enjoy nature with their families and friends.  With parks, a plaza and an urban beach along the water’s edge, Seaport San Diego will be a go-to spot for both locals and tourists. 

The project is privately funded.  So, although there will not be votes on the ballot regarding funding, the developers encourage community engagement.  Gaf’s team was generous with their time this week and came to our monthly luncheon. Due to demand and our May luncheon selling out completely, we are working with them on hosting an encore event in the evening, so stay tuned for more information. We are hoping to share this information with even more members and guests.