Meet Julie Lukoski


Meet the Board

Julie Lukoski

Membership Chair

I joined FOD in 2015 because I wanted to be more involved with the downtown community. I’m currently Membership Director where I’m working to increase membership through my network of contacts. My favorite parts of being a FOD members are the friendships that I’ve developed and working with others to make a difference. I recommend downtown professionals and residents consider joining FOD so they can enjoy the friendship and camaraderie with people who care about downtown and can stay up-to-date on what’s going on in our community.

About Me

Julie spent the majority of her career in sales/marketing in the hospitality industry with Hyatt, Starwood and Loewes Hotels and Resorts. She has also worked in the real estate industry in several capacities where she continues to align herself in her current role.

My Current Gig

Senior Relationship Manager at Webpass from Google Fiber, where I’m responsible for creating and maintaining brand awareness in the condo and apartment buildings where we deliver internet service. Additionally I maintain good relationships with the Property managers and staff in these residential buildings.

Three things I like to do in San Diego:

  1. Go to music concerts at Humphreys By The Bay

  2. Watch the sunset at Poseidon restaurant in Del Mar

  3. Try new restaurants and cafes

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