Law Made Public

Public law libraries are important because everyone has a right to know the law! 

The San Diego Public Law Library is a valuable – and under appreciated - community resource dedicated to helping people learn about and use the law to solve problems, access justice and take advantage of opportunities. Along with meeting and research space, the Law Library has an extensive collection of printed, digital and official forms.  


We had a fascinating and talk and tour from Valerie H. Gragg, J.D., M.L.I.S., Reference Librarian for Partnerships and Communications. The talented and super helpful team also offers:

·       Legal clinics

·       Resources

·       Social events 

San Diego is very lucky that in 1891 the State of California required communities to provide legal information not only to attorneys and judges, but to businesses, self-represented litigants, and people like us who want to know more about their rights.  Our Public Law Library was purpose-built in 1958 as a library.  It’s a beautiful mid-century building that is int the process of being fully restored. It was wonderful see the ‘before and after’ in the training room, lobby and meeting areas, and we look forward to following the transformation of stacks and other areas.  

It’s amazing to see what is offered at the Law Library, especially given they house 125,000 print volumes, provide access to many electronic resources, large collections from California, Federal as well as Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), DIY materials and access to on-line databases.  This is especially amazing given they receive minimal government funding, offer free use of materials / services on-site (except a small fee for WIFI) and rely heavily on donations to fund acquisitions and upkeep. 

If you need a ‘Lawyer in a Library’ then our Law Library is your first choice for finding legal solutions, pursuing access to justice, using advanced technology, and learning how the law works for you.

Patricia Waldron